Film Reticulation


Film reticulation is one of those things I always avoided. When I was new to film development I was worried that a couple degree difference in development temperatures would accidentally cause reticulation or generally ruin my film. And I’ve been careful to keep my temperatures in check.

Years later I decided to reticulate some film for fun. It looked interesting and I assumed it was going to be easy since I’ve seen other people accidentally do it from time to time.

Without any research I just went head first and tried developing using the coldest and hottest settings from my sink. I was surprised when the film developed normally.

Defeated, I finally looked up how to properly reticulate film, and I was surprised that the film needed to be cooked in pretty extreme temps. But hot dog it worked.

This is what happens when film experiences extreme temperature shifts during development. The emulsion expands and contracts quickly causing this effect.

I used this guide as a starting point.

And yes, you can trichrome it.

Tech Specs:
Ilford HP5+ 400 @ 200 | Rodinal 1:25